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Realtime access to travel data

This site provides realtime access to travel reports across Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire, submitted to the SmartJourney website. All of the data is available as fully browsable and queryable Linked Data (or via a RESTful JSON API), and is free to re-use under the Open Government Licence.

Getting Started

Start by browsing the 3 datasets in this site. Each dataset has a page with details of its contents and how to access it.

3 Datasets

Title Tags


A dataset of all reports made through the SmartJourney system, both live reports and historic reports.


Travel zones

A list of 'zones' - areas used to associated travel reports with a particular location.


User accounts for Smart Journey

A list of user account names. Each report is associated with a particular user.


Accessing the data

The data is provided as Linked Data, via this browsable website as well as in multiple machine-readable formats including JSON, RDF, Turtle and N-triples. The available formats are indicated at the foot of each page.

We provide a SPARQL endpoint, as well as an in-page SPARQL console, reachable via the tab at the top of each page, which allows you to experiment with queries as you browse.

We also provide a simple REST JSON API for reading and writing incident reports.

For full details of how to programatically access the data in this site, please read our Developer Documentation.

More information

For more information about SmartJourney, please read this, or email us.

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